In his book “The Art of Flying”, James Wright discusses the art and science of predicting the future through his research and study. He claims to have studied and gained many predictions by listening to secret conversations between various factions of governments and individuals in government, his close friends and relatives including General George Washington, his own mother, President John F. Kennedy and many others. These conversations were supposedly occurring in underground hideaways in America and Great Britain. He claims that his research proves that everyone on Earth is capable of predicting the future.

These secret conversations apparently reveal to us what the future holds for governments, individuals, organizations, groups, organizations and the whole world. These secret discussions are taking place between secret societies as well as groups that claim to be doing a good job at forecasting the future and trying to protect our precious Earth. These groups all claim that they are carrying out a secret worldwide program known as “Law of succession” which they say is necessary if mankind is to survive the next thousand years and prevent the annihilation of life on Earth. The goal of this secret society group and everyone who believe in it is to predict the future using earth science and psychic powers. Click here for more information about psychic reading.

When looking into the predictions of these secret society groups, it should be noted that most predictions fail to mention the big history. It is said that all predictions do not take into account the big history. The big history is what all predictions try to predict. Some of them fail and many succeed and make claims that the predictions are accurate but how can we know this when all predictions fail to take into account the big history?

The answer is that we cannot know something if we don’t know the whole story and looking into the history fails to give us the whole story. To predict the future means looking into the past and predicting what might happen or will happen. If we fail to understand the past then we also fail to predict the future. So looking into the past and understanding the whole story is a good way to predict the future.

We have to remember that history is not fixed. History is fluid and therefore we cannot say that one stock market will give a different prediction than another stock market. For instance, even the Dow Jones Industrial Average had experienced ups and downs over the last century and a half. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the fluctuations of the stock market and therefore predicting the outcome is difficult. Therefore, there are no ways by which we can predict the outcome of a stock market prediction.

But if we can develop a special skill and use it to predict the outcome of the stock market then we can at least get an idea as to what might happen. That way we will be able to plan our strategy and at the same time avoid any risks involved. So I hope you now understand the importance of forecasting the future and why doing your own forecasting and doing your own forecasts is a very important skill to have.

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