Meet Ultimate Ears MEGAblast, an ultra powerful portable wireless Bluetooth speaker with giant, bold 360-degree sound and hand-free operation. Simply plug it in, set up the hand-free microphone, and let the band keep you entertained for hours on end. With Amazon Alexa already built-in, now you and your band can blast music, find new music, order takeouts, and much more, all from the convenience of your own voice. So do it all from home or on-the-road, even take phone calls while traveling without sucking up the battery like you would with your cell phone. You’ll never miss a beat with this.

The built-in Amazon Alexa is super easy to use, with voice commands designed especially for the speaker so you’ll have simple control over your music and movie choices. You can ask your speakers to play “All I really need” or “I’m drowning…” to help get you through the day without missing anything important. The built-in speakerphone also works well for group audio. If you or someone else needs help getting through a meeting, a call will come right to you. Click here more information about boom 3 vs megaboom 3

If you are looking for something compact, the Megablast speakers are perfect. The woofer is rated at eight pounds per cubic foot, so it will easily put a punch into even the smallest sound systems. The woofer can be folded up for easy storage and the built-in sound card lets you use the speaker without plugging it into an audio source.

For those long car rides, the powerful speakers will extend its reach with a subwoofer positioned behind the driver’s seat. With its massive amplifier, this subwoofer will produce deep bass and powerful mid-range sounds. The speaker’s tweeters will reproduce clear music with a deep, booming bass. This is perfect for when you want to feel the excitement of a race coming to life in your car.

You can use your TV as a sound source with the Megablast surround sound system. You can watch your favorite sports game or movie while you’re listening to the sound of the drums and pounding bass. In addition, the speaker’s strong output port lets you send the sound to your home television so you can enjoy all the sound without missing a beat. This allows you to turn up the volume without turning down the other sound devices.

The Megabugs take speaker engineering to the next level. They use advanced technology to combine performance and beauty. And best of all, the speaker can be taken anywhere with you. With its sturdy construction, the Megabug won’t let you down on any of its adventures.

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