GPS trackers for cats for cats were once an impossible dream. The technology was so expensive and only the most famous pet owners and most affluent families could afford them. They were also difficult to find, especially online. Now, these trackers are available for your feline, and they’re much more affordable and accessible. Here’s what you need to know about GPS trackers for cats.

gps trackers for cats

GPS trackers for cats were originally designed to be placed underneath the fur of your pet in order to track its location. The transponder would have to be surgically installed under the fur before the device could work, however. When your cat approaches and touches the device, the tiny microchip-enabled receiver will automatically transmit the cat’s location to your computer or cell phone. You could then follow your pet with a simple iPhone or a special GPS application.

Today, pet owners are more concerned about the safety of their pets, and therefore they have started looking for less invasive devices. Radio trackers are one such option. These GPS trackers send out radio signals that bounce off the surface of the ground, and they come in handy if you’re trying to locate your lost cat. These types of GPS trackers work with a very low battery, so you’ll need to connect them to a power source while your pet is missing.

Another type of GPS trackers for cats is a virtual fence. These devices are similar to the fenced pets, but instead of sending radio signals underground, they send signals over the air. To locate your pet, simply install a virtual fence on your property. The device sends out invisible signals that are detected by an invisible receiver, and they are even more precise than the radio-based trackers.

If you have more than just one cat, you can get a lot of mileage out of these GPS trackers for cats. If your pet has more than just a single cat, you could use more than one cat GPS tracker. That way, if your main cat goes astray, you still have another cat tracker within reach. Some of these GPS pet trackers also come equipped with other features such as an emergency beacon, a temperature gauge, and a rain gauge. This way, you’ll know instantly if your pet needs help searching for its lost owner.

There are also a couple of really nice cats GPS trackers that are lightweight and small enough to fit into a pocket. This type of device is useful for tracking multiple animals at once, since it requires less space. The device is powered either via AA batteries or triple A. The lightweight device is good for indoor use, because its slim design does not complicate movements. The device is also very accurate, thanks to its back-lit display, and the tiny size makes it easy to carry.

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