A long term recruitment process in airforce shortlisted names is a slow and drawn out process. In many cases a candidate has to wait for years before he gets contacted by any organisation. Recruitment processes in the country are far from ideal. This is largely due to the inefficient quality of work that is done by the recruitment agencies.

The recruitment process is broken down into various steps. In the case of a skilled worker the recruiter will conduct a thorough interview before zeroing down on one candidate. This step involves checking the qualification, experience and potential of the candidate. Depending on the requirements the recruiter might also call upon the candidate to go through some training session or a practical demonstration to prove the best of his qualities.

In the case of an ordinary job in a recruitment agency might send out mass mailings to potential employers looking for candidates. If the job opportunity is good then the employer will contact you for an interview. During the interview the employer will try to gauge your interest in the job and your motivation level. This will help them determine if you would be a right fit for the job. Even if you are not selected from the initial batch of applicants, you can always go in for a second or third round of interviews until you are finally selected for the job.

Another major flaw with the recruitment process is that the candidate has no say in the kind of job he is getting. He may be told about salary ranges and availability of jobs in the same manner as a salesperson is told about products and prices. There is no way of knowing whether the salary being advertised is the real amount paid to you. Your position and workload may also be left hanging without any prior information or discussion with the recruitment agency. There is no formal system of evaluation or appraisal of candidates’ skills.

The process of recruitment in Nigeria is also marred by corruption. It is not uncommon for a candidate to be paid a huge sum of money for submitting their CV and for having to wait many weeks for the result to come through. The payment is made even before the applicant has been interviewed and even before his resume is even examined. It is not uncommon for the recruitment agencies to demand advance payments for processing. The practice has been recently stopped because of the widespread awareness that the whole process is fraudulent.

Recruitment in Nigeria has a lot to do with personal relationships. You need to be careful who you associate with in order to avoid falling into the hands of unscrupulous elements. It is important to build a network of friends and relatives in Nigeria who can act as references in case you require any work. You can even ask your relatives and friends in Europe or America to refer you to a recruitment agency in Nigeria. You need to build up a network of contacts and get to know people in high places. This is important to avoid falling into the wrong hands during the recruitment process in Nigeria.

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