How long does a turtle live? This is a common question among turtle owners. The answer might surprise you. Some people think that a turtle only lives for about half a year in the wild when they first got captured. As they grow older, they get older and their life span become longer.

General facts and statistics show that adult aquatic turtles can survive up to 100 years at age one in the wild, although this may vary depending on the condition they are in. In the wild, some years they may live up to two decades, while some even reach up to three decades. Based on reports made by experts, some turtles have lived up to five decades. Therefore, it can be concluded that the lifespan of a turtle mainly depends on the conditions they are living under.

The lifespan of a wild turtle ranges from two to five years depending on the condition they are living under. If the owner has a properly set up turtle tank, he or she can expect their turtle to live at least two years, maybe up to four years depending on the species. The owner has to make sure that the tank has good quality sand and other essentials needed for the well-being of the turtle. He or she should also ensure that there is a supply of fresh food in the turtle tank. As long as the turtle tank has everything it needs to survive, there will be no problem to expect a long lifespan of a turtle in the owner’s possession.

Pet stores usually sell baby turtles that are not yet fully grown. They are sold because they are cheaper than buying a fully grown one from a breeder or a pet store. However, this does not necessarily mean that the baby is less healthy than an adult turtle. It may just be that the pet store keeper is selling them because they are cheaper.

In the case of wild turtles, the lifespan is longer due to the fact that wild turtles can breed easily. When a female turtle is bred with a male of the same species, she produces baby turtles with quality breeding. The baby turtles are actually purebred. Breeding is also necessary if a female turtle is close to the age of sexual maturity because she will reproduce quickly if the breeding process goes smooth. Once the baby turtles reach the age of 12 months old, they have already started to breed and they cannot be separated from each other.

Furthermore, turtles need to have a clean tank with a water filter so that the water will not become contaminated. They also need to be provided with substrate and food. However, turtles need to be provided with a proper tank and environment so that they will not feel uncomfortable with the surroundings. You can determine the lifespan of a turtle by knowing its characteristics and habits.

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