Have you ever wanted to have a romantic dinner with your beloved one in the garden but all you had were your rose and glass dome candle holders and flowers? Well, you can add more to your dinner party by using a rose and glass candle holder that also acts as a flower holder. This is a much more creative way to light up your garden. And you do not need to have expensive candles to make a romantic atmosphere. Just some cheap angel lights will do. These auctions, via sites such as https://rosecode4u.com are also available online.

DIY enthusiasts and decorators love these DIY decorations because they are easy to make and do not cost much. You could decorate your garden with fake rose petals and arrange them on a shelf or a table and it will still look like a real bouquet of roses. Or, you can decorate an artificial flower bed with a dozen or so small fake rose petals, fill the bottom with water and place a couple of silk roses inside. It looks like a bouquet of white flowers perched on the water. Easy to assemble: STEP 1: Take the glass dome out of its wooden base.

STEP 2: Place the battery powered LED strip on the rose petal at the bottom of the glass dome. Then attach a silk rose to the top of the LED. Connect the other end of the LED cord to the top of the bulb at the bottom. You will need three AA batteries to power this charming little enchanted rose and glass dome candle light display.

You will find that you can make several different arrangements with this inexpensive item. You could create a bouquet of red roses with a single red rose sitting on a table; or arrange a bunch of white or yellow roses in a glass globe with a single red rose on top. Or, arrange the bunch of white roses in a square pyramid with one in the middle. You will enjoy having such a versatile item to use for your next carnival or themed party.

The preserved flower design can be used for any carnival or women’s fancy dress party. Just connect three of the colors together. Create beautiful eye catching floral arrangements or bouquets for any women who want to dress up her pretty little red dress for her special event. This unique and pretty ladies floral ornament is sure to get you noticed for the right reasons.

This charming, unique and inexpensive ladies flower holder will make any woman feel and look beautiful. Experience the ultimate in flower preservation by using a Rose and Glass Dome. With the perfect preserved flower design in a – chic, women chic or flower bouquet, you will leave any women feeling beautiful and stylish.

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