Sweetpea Childrens Dentistry, located in Parker, Colorado, is a famous pediatric dentist known for his cute and endearing personality. Focusing on children’s teeth, his office features a bright and modern environment. Serving Highlands Ranch, Canon City, Littleton, Boulder, Aspen and Denver.

Many of our children’s needs are for preventative care. However, over the years, many childrens’ teeth begin to rot from grinding by chewing on everyday items such as balls and shoes. Teeth grinding is usually not a problem until late into adulthood when teeth begin to wear down. Regular trips to Sweet Pea will keep your kids smiling and their gums healthy.

Throughout their life, children need their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth emerge as a child turns age 18 and cannot be saved. But with regular visits to Sweet Pea, this can be avoided. The reason for this is that these teeth do not develop fully. There is an invisible inner layer that protects the teeth from decay and gum disease.

Because of this layer only a dentist can tell when the time has come for removal. A thorough cleaning by Sweet Pea of the mouth region will reveal signs of disease. Also during this visit they will be able to tell if the gums are inflamed. Gum inflammation is common in people older than fifty. The more often a person chews on things the more chance there is for inflammation around the gum line. It is important to refrain from sweets or high acidic foods as this will cause more swelling.

The cost of having Sweet Pea performs cleaning treatments on a child varies. Usually it is based on the age of the patient and the number of teeth affected. Sometimes X-rays may also be needed. An estimate will be given but once it is confirmed it should be done separately from other treatment visits. This helps avoid unnecessary complications.

During this visit the dental hygienist will apply a polish to the teeth. After this the dentist will let them have some time to think about which tooth should be treated first. He may take x-rays as well in order to be sure that everything is going fine. After this your child will have a smile that is free from cavities and gingivitis.

There is also a program in place for aftercare for Sweet Pea Childrens Dental Care. They have two different areas for kids that need help with aftercare. One is for kids that have outgrown their tooth. If this is the case, the dentist will use an Invisalign system to straighten out the teeth. The other area is for younger children that still have small teeth that need to be straightened out.

The entire practice of Sweet Pea Childrens Dentistry is dedicated to making each patient feel at ease and confident. The staff is patient, kind and willing to work with children of all ages. It is a true labor of love!

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