Wet rooms for the disabled, also known as shower rooms, are becoming a very popular option in many homes for those who are disabled. Contrary to what many people believe they are not for weak or elderly people. In fact they can be the perfect solution to a bathroom that is so small you cannot even walk in it. These special rooms have a variety of benefits for everyone in the home including;

The first benefit to using wet rooms for the disabled is that they are very affordable. Unlike other types of disabled bath facilities the cost is extremely affordable and does not require you to take out any personal finance. They are also simple to clean, which takes no extra maintenance than a regular shower cubicle or bathroom. If you need to keep your bathroom clean then all you have to do is use a wet room vacuum cleaner.

The second benefit of using a wet room for the disabled is that it gives the disabled maximum use of the space. As well as being able to stand in the shower they also have the freedom to lay down and climb on to the toilet. This goes a long way to making the bathroom safer for them as they will not be bending over or lifting onto anything. With a shower enclosure you are unable to do this which means you have to rely on other people in the home to watch out for you.

A third benefit of having access wet rooms for the disabled is that they are easy to install. Most of these units come with their own waterproof membrane which protects the floor and the walls from water damage. This also means that the unit is extremely easy to fit and install and it is possible to have it installed by almost anyone who is qualified to do so. Also if you are having the shower enclosure then fitting it yourself is extremely easy and safe.

Installing a disabled bathroom is an investment which you will find pays dividends for many years to come. Most of these units are easy to use and allow you to enjoy relaxing baths as well as having showering facilities. They offer the convenience of having both accessible and disabled toilets. You can switch between the two very easily so you don’t miss any of your bathroom routines. If you move into an area where there is no disabled accommodation then you will lose out on all this valuable support.

There are so many different Wet room ideas and with a little imagination you can create something special for your family. There are lots of great Wet room ideas available, with flexible solutions to suit any budget. You can make the most of your new bathroom with some clever and creative ideas, for example you can buy some extra fabric to line the walls and base your unit on this rather than installing a traditional cabinet. With a little bit of imagination you can transform the look and feel of your bathroom, giving it a more positive and confident atmosphere. A Wet room is not only an opportunity for rehabilitation but also a place that your family will enjoy and be able to relax in.

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