In this article I’m going to tell you about the top four types of massage guns and how to find the best massage gun on the market today. I’ll talk about the differences between each type, and what you should consider when selecting your next massage device. Make no mistake, a quality massage tool is one of the most important accessories you can have for your home.

First let’s look at the basic two basic types of massage tools, a handheld or stand alone handheld model and a massage chair. The difference between the two is pretty obvious. A stand alone device works by attaching to a wall and providing you with a full body massage while also providing other massage items like a towel, music player or a book. Handheld models are more compact and designed specifically for the user, they are not portable and provide a less complete massage, however it will allow you to reach areas that a stand alone unit would not be able to.

Next let’s take a look at the many different styles of massage tools that are available. If you have ever visited a health club, visited a physical therapist or scrolled through your favorite social networking site, you have likely seen a wide variety of massage tools. These include things like foam rollers, electric massagers, power rollers, massage balls and various hand held massage tools. With so many different options available it is important to think about which type of device will best suit your needs and budget.

The most popular type of tool is a power roller. These are excellent if you are looking to give your muscles the full range of motion, but they are also very effective at getting the same results as a hand held unit. You can choose from electric or manual. The manual models offer more control and are more likely to cause bruising and you should always wear protective padding when using a manual model.

An electric model is also a popular option. Many people opt to use an electric model because of its compact design. It is easy to transport and very affordable. However, they do not offer the same level of control as a manual model. So, if you are working in smaller spaces it may be easier and cheaper to stick with a manual model, it’s all about having fun and not hurting yourself. Some people prefer manual models because they offer the best flexibility and safety.

Massage chairs are another popular option that provides a much more full body massage. They can be used in different positions which are beneficial in helping a person relax and relieve muscle tension.

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