Do you know that Amazon is the first e-commerce retail company to reach the $1 trillion mark in the stock market? If not, then you should pay attention to the current affairs of the Stock market. Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world right now with huge revenue flow. Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon, said that his company is an “Everything Store”. 

This means you can find each and every type of product on the website or application of Amazon. Recently, Jeff Bezos name is coming in the spotlight due to selling of stocks. The billionaire is selling shares worth billions. Let’s take a look at the initial thought section of this article. 

What is the main reason behind the sale?

You should know that Amazon is the biggest company to perform effectively in the Stock Market. Recently, in 2018 this company peaked and touched the golden list of companies reaching $1 trillion marks. This was a big milestone for Amazon because of being the first e-commerce company to do so. As an intending Investor, Amazon is the major opinion for you to buy stocks and earn a huge amount of returns. 

In the year 2019, Jeff Bezos Announced that he is selling stocks of Amazon to other firms in the market. 

This sell-off was out of nowhere because the stock market performance of amazon in the last ten years is very impressive as an intending investor should know why the Founder sells the company’s stocks. Also, in November, Amazon eliminated the stocks worth $3 Billion. This sell-off was very questionable from an investor point of view. Let’s take a deeper look at this article for a better understanding. 

Today on November 6th, Jeff Bezos is on the way to sell off the stock worth $4 billion to other firms. This is because the Founder took the world by storm in 2020. Amazon is the first e-commerce retail selling company in the world. The Amazon stock price is near $3200, which is relatively higher when the cap price is considered. 

This is the second sale by Amazon this year by Jeff Bezos. The movie is clear, which is to eliminate the common shares. In January, Jeff sold the shares worth $4.1, which was a huge amount. There is no major reason stated by Amazon, but it is part of a plan. With this recent sale, Amazon has sold over $10 billion in 2020. These stocks are sold to Jeff’s self-owned venture named Blue origin and not in the open market.  Click to know its cash flow before investing.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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