Hiring a local moving company is an excellent idea. Why? Because they are your friends and will be there for you through thick and thin – if that means helping you move your house the old fashioned way! But, can your local movers deliver the goods when it’s time for the move? Here are some signs that you might want to consider a local mover:

  • Local moving companies are known for delivering household products quickly. And they understand that household items break or go missing during a move. This makes them a good choice for any moving situation. They can also give you referrals to trusted local movers who have experience moving your home products. Many companies have local offices where they ship the products so this is another great way to get help with moving.
  • Another sign to look for in a local moving company services is if they give you a discount for a local move. Often it’s worth more to move local because of all the extra time and effort that go into moving it yourself. Ask if they have a discount for local movers. Many do; make sure to ask about the savings before you just agree without researching it further. You can often find deals just by calling the company.
  • Moving products arrive promptly. It takes time to load and unload a truck, put the products in the truck and then load them again. Most movers can fit a move in with a single day of time. That means you can spend your time doing chores around the house, fixing things around the house and taking time out to enjoy your new home while your appliances and furnishings are being moved!
  • A local moving company is familiar with the area. Your home may be closer to or further from their headquarters than you realize. That means that you won’t have to waste time driving back and forth just to pick up supplies. That saves you time and gas money, two of your most expensive transportation expenses when moving house.

As you can see, a local move is easier on you and your pocketbook. There are other benefits, of course, to moving your home as close to home as you can make it. You can save money on moving expenses by doing some of the work yourself. You’ll also make some friends along the way as you make friends along the way!

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