Youtube Video and Audio Downloads are defined as ‘an open-source program, downloading Youtube videos in all supported formats (FLV, MP3, WebM, and 3GP), with optimal video quality of your selection’ and is fast becoming a favorite app in the browser’s category. This is mainly because of its simplicity and flexibility, with one easy step you can now watch any video on your desktop or laptop. Just drag and drop the widget to your desktop or laptop window, activate the widget and search for any video you want. You can view all videos on the widget without wasting much time. You can also filter the category or search for particular tags and create customized list to find what you are looking for. This widget is fully customizable with lots of themes available, from cool colors to music libraries.

This amazing audio downloader supports a wide range of video and audio files, including High Definition, Standard Definition and wmv (umbs) format. It has a unique Add-On section that lets you easily and quickly add any of your preferred videos or audio files. This add-on section also let you know which video is playing in your desktop or Laptop monitor when you open any of the files or play them directly from the audio file. The built-in mp3 audio file downloader lets you pick from thousands of songs, podcasts, radio stations, etc. Let us know more information about

This is an outstanding audio downloader with tons of advanced features such as latest album artwork, repeat mode, skip button, repeat audio, volume slider, album graph and search options. If you love listening to your favorite music with superior sound quality, this is the perfect add-on for you. Audio Free Downloads also offers a free download video, which you can directly view in your Laptop or Desktop monitor. It has a unique photo album that allows you to view photos taken by your loved ones or taken by yourself; you can choose from over 100 high resolution and brand new pictures.

Video Free Downloader is another exceptional web-based audio and video downloader that offer unlimited amount of audio and video files. It has a very simple interface which allows anyone to use it without technical knowledge. This convenient web application lets you browse and search for all kinds of audio and video files. You can even add your favorite videos to your favorites or bookmark them for easy access later.

Audio Free Downloads uses the awesome technology of the Firefox browser with the Firefox add-on called Mozilla Firefox Download Manager. With this feature, you can conveniently and automatically download videos and audio files using Firefox. With the help of the add-on, you can easily start downloading from various websites without manually going through all the different settings of each website. You can also add your YouTube video using the add-on which can play directly in your Firefox browser.

For a quick and easy audio and video download experience, try freemake downloader. It is a remarkable freeware audio and video downloader which has been rated the best among all the other online audio and video downloaders available on the internet. If you want to experience a quick and easy way to download videos and audio files then try out freemake download now! You will love the instant video and audio download experience!

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