Inappropriate gag gift ideas can range from silly little cards that say “Don’t Care” to funny bumper stickers that say “You Got Your Dad Skinny!” The funny thing is, these are gifts that can actually be enjoyed by the recipients. There is nothing wrong with giving someone a gag gift if you know the recipient enjoys it. The problem arises when you give such gifts to people who do not share the same interest you have in them. This can lead to awkward moments and embarrassing situations. This does not happen in relationships where the couple shares the same interests.

A good example of an inappropriate gag gift is a strip club membership. You might present this gift to a woman who expects to be stripped to her skivvies at the club. On the other hand, if you gave a male friend this gift, expect him to be embarrassed and probably be flattered that you remembered him.

Other Inappropriate Gag Gifts ideas include giving flowers to a woman who has recently miscarried a child. Expect to receive blank expression if you have chosen this gift. Inappropriate gags gifts can be giving a blow dryer to a pregnant woman, especially if you knew she was going to have a baby. If you give the same present to a man who recently had sex with another woman, expect him to be shocked.

If you know the recipient enjoys watching horror movies, then a funny video game would make a great gift. You can buy the video game in advance and deliver the package in person. If you know the man likes to go out drinking regularly, buy him a beer so he can enjoy playing the video game with his buddies. For a funny touch, you can get a few scotch guard so he doesn’t get injured by broken glass.

You can also get creative when choosing a gag gift. Consider giving someone who’s been fired from their job as a surprise by sending them a funny picture frame or t-shirt with an obscene note written on it. Or you can buy a clock with an obscene note written on it. This will make a great gag gift for an unemployed loser. However, you should take the time to make sure the individual isn’t actually homeless.

If you’re looking for a unique gag gift idea, a funny photo will do the trick. This gift will make many an individual squirm and has the added benefit of making the recipient stand out in a crowd. Another option is to give an individual a picture frame or stuffed animal that has some sort of inappropriate message on it. Just make sure you’re not making a joke out of it before you give the gift.

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