If you have been told you need to eat a low carbohydrate diet if you want to lose weight, you are under the mistaken impression that this means you are going to have to completely give up most of your favorite foods. However, you will not be forced to eat only rice, pasta and potatoes. You can still eat all the delicious foods you love, but you will be eating much less of them. There are, however, some very good carbohydrates that are good for you and good for your health. Here are just a few that you should be adding to your diet:

Eggs. Eggs are a complete protein that provides excellent dietary protein and is also very low in fat. It is one of the most important foods in your keto diet plan as it is extremely easy to digest, has very little fat and is great for weight loss. Eggs are also an excellent source of protein for those who are trying to build muscle. It is especially important to add eggs to your diet plan when you are training your body to handle resistance training.

Sausage, bacon and lunch meat. Most protein-rich foods are high in fat but these three meats are virtually fat free and very good for you in the short and the long term. Some experts recommend having a six-ounce serving of breakfast meat (breakfast sausage, skinless bacon and lunch meat) on your diet for about one to two pounds of body mass each day. This allows you to enjoy some delicious food without accumulating unhealthy fat that causes you many problems later in life. Click here for more information ketosis.

Nuts. Nuts are another important part of any keto diet plan. They are extremely low in carbohydrate calories but high in protein. You should eat at least four ounces of nuts each day for a variety of reasons. Some experts recommend that you eat nuts before and after your exercise workout, while others say that they are a good post-workout snack.

As a recap, you need to have a complete and balanced low carb diet food list so that you can start enjoying some delicious low carb foods right away. Your meals should be rich in protein, but you should limit the amount of fat, white flour and sodium you include in your meals as well. Now that you have the low carb diet food list, follow the instructions for creating the meals and the snacks you will prepare. You’ll be surprised at how easy it really is to get into a new eating plan and start feeling great.

A few other things you should avoid doing is to stay away from sweet drinks such as soda pop and other energy drinks, coffee, tea and other caffeinated beverages. They cause a rise in blood sugar and make you feel hungry quickly, even if you don’t have any carbohydrates in them. They also contain lots of empty calories and make your body to use more fat when you do eat real foods. If you are on the keto diet plan for weight loss, then stay away from white flour, white rice and potatoes. They are full of carbohydrates that will increase your hunger and make you overeat.

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