Artists interested in showcasing their work in London should contact Grove Square Galleries. Located in London’s most fashionable and active Eastern End, Grove Square is home to some of the capital’s most prestigious galleries and organisations. Located close to Oxford Street, Grove Square is also a convenient location for art collectors seeking affordable and interesting exhibitions. Established in 1987, the Galleries are managed by Jef Verscheren, Managing Director of Galleries International. A former curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, Verscheren has overseen the success of the Gallery in London ever since its inception. His belief in the importance of an eclectic mix of performance art, curatorial design, performance art and sculpture is evidenced by the fact that the Gallery is one of the few Galleries in London that is solely supported by a team of volunteers.

Established in partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), Grove Square Galleries presents a dynamic line up of emerging and renowned contemporary artists from around the world. Focusing on promoting contemporary art through a series of cutting-edge exhibitions, conversations and group projects, the Gallery is home to a full slate of participating exhibitions that run alongside an artist-led shows featuring original works from guest artists. With locations in the heart of the city and access to major transport links, the Galleries offer an accessible location for artists to display and promote their work.

Programmes range across all genres of contemporary art, from solo exhibitions to collaborative works with other artistic organisations and institutions. The most recent exhibition to feature artists from abroad was organized by Groove Square Galleries and was entitled “button Suzanne l. Jean legg”. The exhibition featured works by artist Suzanne Jean Leatherman, who was featured in the exhibition series “Christopher Kieling & Friends: Art and Society in Leaning”. Another solo exhibition from an international artist took place at Grove Square Galleries entitled “The Doorway”. The work featured in this solo exhibition was contributed by Canadian artist Donny Macpherson. You can get more information about Grove Square Galleries.

A contemporary artist collaborating with Groove Square Galleries and other established collectors, during the same period as the solo exhibition, apiarist, Margret Henckels, who worked on the installation of steel sculptures in front of the Gallery’s Gallery. Henckels’s installation was financed by the Groove Square Galleries. He then presented the completed piece at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London, which showcased the work for the first time. The pieces have now been displayed at many other locations around the world including museums and galleries.

The artists that present work at the Gallery s are some of the most exciting contemporary artists working in the UK and internationally. Joining forces with the Gallery, as well as many established collectors, they present exciting and original work. Many talented artists that have yet to be recognized by galleries or exhibitions, due to a lack of exposure or a lack of funding, have found such opportunities as an artist Ledger program at the Gallery a vital breakthrough and the perfect platform to launch their careers. Other exciting projects taking place in the Groove Square Galleries include the launch of a new Curriculum Development Program, which will be a vital tool in continuing to develop the profile and significance of the Gallery, in tandem with its partner organisations and fellow independent art organisations, for the coming year and beyond.

In 2021, Grove Square Galleries launched an exciting programme titled “Spot the Contemporary Artist”, which showcased the work of twenty contemporary artists from across the country, who presented work in partnership with local collectors and art organisations. The featured artist in the exhibition was the young solo artist called Cassatt, whose artwork was featured in this exhibition. This partnership was developed in order to bring more young contemporary artists to the attention of art lovers and collectors throughout the country. As Grove Square Galleries continues to grow and develop in every direction, it is becoming a hub for artist based communities, as well as a meeting point for new collectors.

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