Advertising is an advertising communication which uses a publicly advertised, non-face-to-face advertisement to advertise or sell a product, idea or service. The advertisement may be written, audio-visual (such as television commercials) or pictorial (for example, posters and album covers). Advertisers of advertising usually are companies wishing to market their goods or services to the general public. Sometimes the public is given the option to respond to the advertisement, by calling a telephone number provided on the advertisement or visiting a website to receive additional information. Advertisements can also be electronic in nature, for example by logging onto an Internet website and reading the advertisement.

There are several common types of advertising. They are generally classified according to the medium through which they are transmitted: visual (for example, booklets, magazine advertisements), sound (for example, radio ads, TV commercials) or print (for example, magazine ads, newspaper ads). A printed advertisement, for example, can be classified into different types, depending on whether it contains text (for example, a newspaper ad), pictures (for radio and television commercials), or a combination of both (for magazine ads).

Visual Advertising The most familiar form of visual advertising is through logos, slogans and brand images. Advertisements in magazines and newspapers are usually presented in the form of an image; this image may be a company logo or a symbol, for example the letters ABC. Logos are used to call attention to particular products, ideas or services. The most well-known logo is probably that which appears on items like t-shirts, coffee mugs, umbrellas and other promotional merchandise.

Sound Advertising The most popular form of sound advertising activities is through the production of sound tracks. Music is commonly used to attract consumers. Music can be used for advertisements in magazines, radio programs and television shows. This type of advertisement is most often seen on commercials where the characters in the advertisement make use of musical instruments or speak by means of music.

Video Advertising A new and growing trend in the use of video advertisements is video billboards. These types of video advertisements are increasingly being used in areas where street harassment is a concern. For example, video billboards have been seen on bus stops in New York City, as well as in airports around the world. They provide a more interactive way for audiences to interact with the product being advertised than with the traditional sign. These auctions, via sites such as New Zealand personal ads are also available online.

Print Advertising In the past, many companies relied on newspapers, magazines and billboards to advertise their products. Today, many companies choose to create their own websites to provide customers with more detailed information about their products and services. Many Internet service providers also have developed specialized software which allows customers to access printed advertisements on the computer. Banners, posters and billboards advertise by providing consumers with visual cues about products and services.

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